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Bebe A-Go-Go Hat

This copyrighted pattern will appear on the 2006 Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar
by Accord Publishing.

The top of the hat is in a swirl pattern and makes six points with the tail finishing the middle.

Size: 4 to 5 years or
Gauge: 3 sts to the inch


  • Red Heart craft yarn 4.5 ounces w/plenty left over for a headband
  • Size 10 circular knitting needles
  • Size 10 double pointed needles (3)
  • Stitch markers
  • 2 brass or silver bells


With circular needles, cast on 61 stitches. Join, being careful not to twist. Now there are 60 sts on the needles.

K rows 1-5
P rows 6, 7
K rows 8-20
P rows 21-23

Begin decrease rows:

*Place marker, K 8 sts, K 2 tog* until sts are snug, then switch to dpns.
K until there are 6 sts on needles, K these 6 sts until tail measures 9 inches.
Cast off until 1 sts remains, cut yarn, leaving a long tail.
Thread two brass or silver bells onto long tail and sew in end of tail.