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American Curly Horses For Sale

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If you aren't familiar with Curly horses, you are in for a treat. Curly horses have an mysterious quality that speaks to ancient horse herds who roamed the unfenced ranges of pre-European America. They are the horses of "Myth and Mystery" with a recorded past of less than two hundred years. The earliest record of Curly horses are by the Dakota Sioux during their "Winter Count" calendar in the early 1800' s and they were ridden by the Sioux at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Curly horses were called "big red dogs" and "buffalo horses" and the privilege of owning one was reserved for chiefs and medicine men. The earliest mention of Curly horses by Anglos is by Peter Damele in the late 1800's during a Nevada round up of wild mustangs. He kept the Curlies and crossed them with his ranch horses to produce a horse that excelled at any job it was called upon to perform. These unique horses still excel at riding, carriage, dressage, endurance...you name it and the Curly horse can do it!

Curlies have Personality Plus and at Thistle Cove Farm we breed companion animals, first and foremost. Our Curly horses are gentle, come when called, have tremendous curiosity, are willing learners who quickly respond to kindness and have a great desire to please. Their best attribute is their calm disposition and gentle temperament while their most striking physical characteristic is their hypo allergenic Curly coat. People who normally have allergic reactions to other horse breeds are happily surprised to find they have little or no allergic reactions to most Curly horses. While the Curly horse is best known for its curls, we also have straight haired Curly horses. When treated with kindness and respect, the Curly horse responds by being a Friend for Life!

Each horse comes with:

  • complete medical history including up to date vaccinations and de-worming
  • current negative Coggins
  • veterinarian's health certificate
  • ICHO registered
  • copies of pedigrees
  • matching halter & lead rope

To purchase our horses please contact us directly.

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