Sheep shearing - April 16, 2005, always the third Saturday, weather permitting. The shearer arrives around 9 a.m. and finishes around noon.

Make Your Small Farm Pay

The following seminar topics are taken from my university course and are each 2 hours long. For pricing information, or to arrange to have a seminar for your group, please contact Sandra Bennett directly.


  • introduction
  • evaluating *all* your resources
  • marketing
  • branding & logo development
  • publicity
  • liability
  • trail development
  • web pages, questions, comments


  • how to write & what to include in hard copy information. (when folks leave
    the workshop they will learn how to prepare their own effective farm
    business cards, brochures, press releases.)
  • business cards & brochures
  • how to prepare a press kit
  • press releases that editors will use

III - "Tourism Trail Development - The Next Big Thing"

  • building partnerships
  • identifying tourism trail products
  • training the stakeholders & developing strategies
  • marketing the trail

We have American Curly horses for sale.

If you would like more information on how to purchase our wool or wool products, please contact us directly

We are proud to be the third shepherd in Virginia to be awarded the quality designation of "Virginia's Finest."