Sandra has started her own blog. See what happens day to day on the farm and share some of her insights on farm life and the beauty of our past., present and futture.

By: Sandra Bennett - Copyright 2004     


Time is Fleeting - Wear Purple Now!

"Time is fleeting and I'm not waiting to wear purple
Or red or kiwi or orange or magenta or any other color

I'll spend my time sitting under the sunflowers
while the mares snuffle my hair and kittens play in my lap

Today I'll take my knitting to the pasture
and chance a wet bottom when I sit on the ground
Samuel and Carly will nuzzle my pockets for treats of corn
while the other sheep bleat at their boldness

My needles will lie quietly as I watch birds float on unseen columns of wind
The barn swallows and goldfinches and robins and even the buzzards will
bring me joy on their outstretched wings

Tonight at midnight, the dogs and I will walk in the pasture
I'll whisper secrets to the horses and sheep
I'll look for falling stars and the big and little dipper
and will nail Orion's belt with the north star

I'll drink good wine and strong beer and sweet water
I'll eat chocolate for breakfast and pastry for lunch
mix cream in my flavored coffee and
turn up my nose at powdered milk and ill mannered people

Tomorrow I'll give compliments to perfect strangers
and speak to people on the street just
to watch their reactions as I grin at my silly self

I've worn hats for over thirty years and see no need to stop
I'll not waste happiness on tomorrow but spend it willy nilly today
Time is fleeting and I'm wearing purple now"

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