Our sheep fleeces are long, with an incredible handle and beautiful crimp making them a joy to process, spin, knit, crochet or weave.

Our Products

Appalachian Wool Works is proud to offer 100% virgin wool products. Virgin wool is wool that has never been recycled from a previously made garment or rug.

*raw, skirted fleeces - either pick them up on Sheep Shearing Day or have them shipped directly to you.

*100% virgin wool Queen size, 78 x 104 inches, blankets. Each blanket is meant to be used for a lifetime of warmth; each one is also a collectible and comes with a certificate of authenticity stating its origin and wool clip year.

*We offer a limited homestead collection of farm spun yarn. Our yarn comes in all natural colors of either creamy white or tweedy black/brown/gray. Each hank of yarn is two-ply, worsted weight, four ounces, 180 yards and as close to organic as nature can be.

To purchase our products please contact us directly.

Our Romney, Shetland, Merino and Romney x Shetland sheep are the darlings of the fleece world and are known by their names, not by number. It's highly unlikely there are more pampered and spoiled sheep anywhere in the world and my small flock of hand spinner's sheep grow extraordinary fleeces.

Thistle Cove Farm is a no-kill farm and every sheep earns its keep by growing wool and/or having lambs. Due to the no stress lifestyle, the high quality of alfalfa hay (grown here on the farm) and pure mountain spring water, every sheep responds by growing fleeces that are almost embarrassing in quality and quantity.

Romney fleeces have a low grease content and are light shrinking when washed. These fleeces are lustrous, generally hanging in separate locks and with crimp uniformity from the butt to the tip. Fleece quality is consistent over the entire body and Romney wool has the finest fiber diameter of the long wool breeds. A skirted Romney fleece can have a yield of over 70% and is one of the heaviest wool producers; some of our skirted fleeces will weigh twenty pounds or more. The spinning count is 50 to 44 which is equal to a fiber diameter of about 29-36 microns. Some of our Romney fleeces have been tested at 24 to 26 microns.

Our Romney's have well defined crimp and a length ranging from 6 to 9 inches; the wool is strong and very easily spun. This is a great fleece for people learning how to spin either on drop spindles or on a wheel.

We have white, black, brown and gray Romney sheep and shear once a year, the third Saturday in April, weather and shearer permitting. Sheep Shearing Day is open to the public, contact us for more information.

Shetland fleeces are some of the finest and softest of any breed and traditionally spun and knitted into the world renown Shetland shawls. Those shawls were, and are, so fine they could be drawn through a wedding ring and part of a bride's dowry. The Bradford count is usually in the upper 50's to lower 60's with an average fiber diameter of around 23 microns. Our fleeces weigh 4 to 8 pounds, skirted and have a stable length of 4 to 6 inches. Our colors include white (will dye beautifully), musket (pale grayish-brown), dark brown, black, shaela (dark steely-gray) and one or two that seem to embody at least three colors.

Several fleeces are beaver/double-coated which are quite long and luxurious. The outer coat is hair like, being silky white and quite long and the undercoat is very soft and downy.

Other Shetland fleeces are single coated, extremely crimpy and dense. These fleeces are exceptionally soft with a short staple, usually around 4 to 5 inches. Any vegetable matter is easily removed by combing during fiber preparation. This is "baby bottom" soft and brings tears to the eyes of fleece lovers everywhere.

A few of our Shetland fleeces are longish and wavy which is typically in the breed. There is a slight wispiness on the ends of the locks and the fleece has an open quality.

The Romney x Shetland fleeces are the best of both breeds...sometimes in one fleece! Some fleeces are crimpy and wavy, others are kinky and short; all spin beautifully.

The world over, Merino fleeces are known for their superb quality. My girls are no exception. Unfortunately, Polly and Sally are also known, around Thistle Cove Farm at least, to be pigs in sheep's clothing. These girls were bottle raised and haven't gotten over it yet. They are always the first ones at either the feeder or the bucket; always the first ones to let you know they are starving, always the first ones to appear pitiful...well, as pitiful as fat Merino's can appear! Their fleeces are lovely with a low micron count, I've had one fleece that had a micron count of 14.

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Special Events

Sheep shearing - April 16, 2005, always the third Saturday, weather permitting. The shearer arrives around 9 a.m. and finishes around noon

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We are proud to be the third shepherd in Virginia to be awarded the quality designation of "Virginia's Finest."